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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants
If you are missing more or more teeth, you may find you miss other things; the comfort of your own teeth, the ability to enjoy harder foods or to laugh unrestrained.

Implants are the way to replace missing teeth. They look good and are fixed in place.

The implant procedure starts with a local anaesthetic. Next, a titanium screw or implant is placed inside the jawbone. It takes 8-12 weeks (the healing period) for the implant to be fully integrated into the jawbone creating a new root.

Once the implant is fully integrated, a ceramic crown is made to resemble the missing tooth. Implants can be tailor-made to match your own teeth.

What are the benefits of implants?

• Implants are more stable and aesthetically pleasing than dentures
• Implants can stimulate bone growth, preventing loss of valuable bone structure.
• Implants are easy to keep clean and floss just like natural teeth.
• Implants do not decay.
• Implants let you chew normally.
• With implants you do not drill healthy teeth.